Gemstones of Fall

October 16, 2012


 Where to look for those gorgeous gemstone colors in the fall landscape?  The most unlikely place, unless you know about it that is... Here in NJ, The Paterson Farmers Market!  Paterson Farmers Market is in South Paterson, along the old Erie Railroad line, where it has been since it opened on September 28, 1932.  That makes it 80 years old!  It is ethnic, diverse and you can find any hard to get spice for all sorts of cooking here!

Just check out those colors behind me! 

Now its time to pick out a pumpkin... that I can make a Jack O Lantern out of... I sometimes

go a little crazy with the carving... you will see... Last Year I lost his nose!! 

HMMMMM ... Which one looks good for a face?  And Not that plastic one there!!!

Of course I couldn't resist this guy... reminds me of someone I once dated... 

 Asbury Park NJ is a total visit to another time... roll back to the turn of the century... an amazing place.  

Check out this vintage Carousel House..


Completely and totally abandoned... the carousel itself was sold or auctioned .

All that remains is this abandoned building that housed it.... 

This is Convention Hall at the Asbury Park NJ boardwalk... oh so grand!!

 A FABULOUS beach bar is all the way down the end ... overlooking the ocean... 

 Nothing is better than a walk by the beach on a cold Monday; The scene is so surreal.... you have to love the carousel horses. 

 vintage carousel horse seaside heights NJ

carousel horse with roses vintage