Hold On To Your Vintage Style!

Ah, Vintage Style!  What is all the buzz about?  If you have ever had the good fortune of owning clothing made by the American Garment workers Union, you already know what I am about to put into words... 


Your dress, jacket or sweater has probably been worn many times and still looks new! 


It has a great chance of being fashioned of a natural fiber, either silk, wool, cotton or rayon... no plastics, no pilling, and the garments actually had some weight.

Take a look at the outrageously talented construction.  There were actual sizes when these were made.... and the patterns were graded to look good on a person! The clothing had a fitted bustline, a fitted waistline.... and if it didn't fit you to perfection, there were many tailors available that could alter to perfection; and generous seams  that could be taken in or let out.  

Today.... sadly we have disposable fashion... made to last 5 wears, and I am being generous.  Many are pilled by 2 or 3 wears.... out of shape, with really cheap synthetic fabric. And while all that glitzy shopping may calm your troubled mind.... and give you the temporary high of a gambler... just think what you COULD be doing with all that time... Time remember is a one way ticket... what you lose you will never get back... not with your kids, not for yourself.... nada.... So spend it carefully and thoughtfully.... Your vintage clothing will at the end of the day end up as the trophy pieces of your closet.... things you can restyle again and again and always look new... one more time...


And... lets also realize that you need to be kind to the environment...  Just like your body that you only get one of, we have only one planet... There has never been in the history of the planet such consumption in the way of textiles.. and the textiles that are now created and discarded are essentially plastic... and pilled, destined to lay in sky high dumps for hundreds if not thousands of years... until it disintegrates into toxins... in the water, soil and air.  Always remember the Love Canal... and the many chemical plants that cause forms of cancer and other nasty illnesses.  

With many of the Bridge lines gone, vintage has finally entered the main stream.  

We can: 1. Wear Vintage clothing

              2. Bring back the American Garment worker and enjoy great fabrics, tailoring and buy LESS.  It will cost a whole lot more, but you will be buying VALUE!!!