Fast Fashion aka Eco Destruction


We have all seen them...the glittery fast fashion mall stores, just burgeoning with new goods every other day.... straight from China...

We have all worn fast fashion... 3 launderings and wow, full of pilling... not ready for the donate pile... it is unwearable... worn, pilled.... so out to the dump... check out how the dump looks, with massive amounts of textile going into that dump.  Virtually all of it is not eco friendly; we are talking polyester blends that are virtually made of some percentage of plastic (that is what polyester is)  and so it will last hundreds of years in that dump, perhaps even longer...

Which brings me to this.... buy less...  And pay careful attention to the content tags.  Natural fiber products really do last and last.... Your natural fibers are linen, cotton, silk, wool.  And do not accept a blend... The blends often lead to a garment that has huge pilling.  I bought a coat a while back, by designer Cole Haan.  I never looked at the fabrication tag thinking, well this is a DESIGNER coat; And it was my favorite winter coat.... until it started to pill terribly... before the end of that very season it looked ragged... Needless to say, I was very disappointed to have paid so much and gotten so little.  When I checked the coat it was a blend... Wool and acrylic... pill ball time for certain. Not fair... it still hangs in my closet, because I don't want to send it to clutter a dump for 100 years... Any suggestions as to what to do with my coat?  I'd really love to hear some! In the same class as my Cole Haan coat, is my Forever 21 coat... LOL, both of these coats have the same ragged pathetic look.  The sad state of Fast Fashion. 

Please shop responsibly. 

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