Vintage Fabrics are Sustainable

vintage fabric  There is a huge sustainability in vintage fabrics; Vintage clothing lasts and lasts... with the exception of some of the cotton poly goods, pilling is non existent.  This clothing can be repaired, dry cleaned, laundered to looking new, great and original again.  You literally wear it until you are done... not until the garment is done.  The garment is NEVER done! 

Yes, the steel zippers break; but any skilled sewer can easily replace it.  In the event of a stain, today's stain removers are magical next to what was available back when the vintage garment was made... so stains remove rather easily... Vintage clothing does have the rare quality of sustainability.If you are just tired of your vintage garment, or it no longer fits you please do pass it along to someone you know.  Just don't toss it.  If you have no takers, please do send it to us... we will upcycle it, and save the earth some stress. Thats a promise! 

For many reasons, you are not seeing garments with all rayon, all silk, all wool any longer.  Some say it is to help with wrinkle problems, others say the added synthetics add durability;  I personally think it has everything to do with cost and profit. I am always impressed with the incredible lasting beauty of the silks rayons and wools that we get that are, 30, 40, 50 years old! As compared to what is available today, you cannot compare.  The vintage usually rules.  

So let me ask... when your new shirt is trashed after 4 or 5 wears, what do you do with it?  Donate it?  Throw it out? Bring it back to H&M? (they allegedly collect their inferior fabrication clothing and"recycle it" )  

Please read the fabrication tag... it matters to you, it matters to the earth!   We want it to be around for our children. 

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