Is Dressing Stylish Out of Style?

As I dressed up this morning in my vintage paisley border skirt and my vintage sheer black top, I put the chunky leather belt right in the middle.  And when I looked in my mirror I was so pleased at the look... so original, so me! 

Sat down at the comp and was reading a Forbes magazine article from about a year ago, declaring that vintage clothing should be considered a hard asset, like gold... to invest in during uncertain or bad economic times.. well... I thought.. I am rich in THAT department.  Lots of vintage clothes around here!  Interestingly, the article went on to say that people who wear vintage clothing do so to visit the past because they are stressed out!  WHAT!  Me?  Stressed?!  No.  That's wrong.   It also mentioned who would want to wear the style of 20 or 30 years ago!   Wow, I thought... they missed it again!  We are in a wonderful place in time... where we can collect... art really.  Wear what we collect!  And  put together a look that is all your own.  Does it get any better than that? 


Oh, and I forgot... my skirt has a real hem!  Something that is gone gone gone from todays fashion... and they think we don't notice?!!! 

As I was standing on line to get my morning coffee... I was noticing what people wear... for the most part the "fast fashion" dress... A poly knit with an elastic in the middle... no details....  or a loose fitting knit shirt and knit pants... usually with light pilling... No style there... when someone HAS style they stand out; happy for us vintage affectionados, they are wearing some form of vintage! Corporate profit has taken the Stylish out of the style.  Cheap fabric, no details... year after year.  So enjoy vintage clothing... its eco-chic, its high style, and you will always get compliments where ever you go! 

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